Enhance your home’s curb appeal

with custom outdoor landscape lighting.

Custom Landscape Lighting on Outdoor Stairs

You want your property to look and feel both beautiful and secure, no matter what time of day. With our knack for design using quality LED lighting, we take pride in the fact that our customers trust us to design and create a beautiful nighttime effect for their house, landscape, or property that will enhance curb appeal and increase security. That’s why Custom Landscape Lighting is the Triad’s leading provider of custom outdoor lighting designs and installations for residential and commercial properties across the Carolinas.

Unlike electricians or landscaping companies, custom outdoor lighting design, installation, and service is all we do. We believe our superior experience in the design and installation of landscape lighting shows in the quality of our work, and our customers agree. We’ve been working with home and business owners in the Triad for more than 17 years.

Custom Outdoor Landscape Lighting Services

The Quality of LED Lighting

Light up your home or business with the beauty and lasting quality of LED lighting! Our outdoor LED lamps use a fraction of the amount of energy consumed by halogen or incandescent light bulbs, and won’t need to be replaced for at least 5 years.

Residential Outdoor Lighting

Increase your curb appeal with beautiful custom landscape lighting designed to bring out the beautiful architecture and landscaping features of your home. Outdoor lighting is also essential for home security.

Expansions/ LED Upgrades

Ready to enhance and expand the landscape lighting design you already have installed? We’ll upgrade your system with new LED bulbs and long lasting, fully integrated fixtures designed to last up to 20 years.

Full Service Design and Installation

Do you want to make a dramatic statement with your outdoor lighting, or will you take a “less is more” approach? Either way, we’ll listen to your needs and design a lighting plan tailored to your space and your needs.

Commercial Outdoor Lighting

What do you want your customers or visitors to see and feel when they approach your commercial space after dark? Set the vibe and increase your foot traffic with professional outdoor lighting for your store, clubhouse, church, subdivision entrance, common area, or other public building.

Landscape Lighting Maintenance

Don’t let your outdoor lighting design suffer from broken lamps and inefficient bulbs. With a simple service call, we’ll get your lighting system looking like new again whether we installed it originally or it was an existing system. We keep records of all our systems for efficient repairs.

Our Process


What’s your vision for your outdoor lighting design? We’ll begin by walking the property with  you, listening to your ideas and needs. From there, we’ll discuss your options, make recommendations, and then get to work designing a lighting plan that works for you.


Our certified installers will assemble your outdoor lighting design. Unlike electricians who work with many types of lighting and electrical jobs, custom outdoor landscape lighting is all we do, and we believe in doing it right the first time.

Service Calls

We’ll keep your outdoor lighting design looking and operating like new all year round. We keep files of every design we’ve installed, so if something goes wrong we can identify and solve the problem quickly.